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Amy Wickham

23 Jun

Amy’s work will be up in the Phoenix Walkway Gallery until 17th July.
She is exhibiting a very interesting piece which comments on environmental issues in a very delicate way. She has made umbrellas out of printed and embroidered dissolvable fabric which comment on the fragility of our world.

She studied a few different art subjects at AS Level and took Creative Textiles through to A Level at Exeter College and remained there to do a Foundation in Art and Design. Her time at Exeter College influenced her path enormously, she was able to explore many different pathways before making her final choice in degree.

She says, ‘I find the natural world we live in extremely inspiring. Often water, be it the sea, or tidal movements or even the boats that float on it. There is so much to see and take in. I often use photography to record something I want to remember and go back to at a later date.’

‘One of my tutors gave me a piece of very sound advice I will never forget. The more you do something, the better you get, the better you get, the more you enjoy it, the more you enjoy it, the more you do, so the better you get…’


Louise Grant

23 Jun

Louise Grant’s work can be seen at Feathers of Isca at the junction with Bartholomew St. West close to the bottom of Fore St. She is presenting 3 fabric designs and a book of mood boards. She took the foundation course for fashion and textiles design, at Exeter College. Her time there influenced the direction of her work towards print for fashion, she was given the opportunity to discover and experiment with these processes with valuable guidance. The course touched upon many aspects of fashion and textiles and for the final major projects Louise appreciated being able to create her own brief and push her work in the direction she wanted. She learnt her strengths and weaknesses and discovered a love for print and colour which has now developed even more after studying at Nottingham Trent University.


Her tip to future students would be don’t be afraid to explore and try something new. She says ‘Try to work outside the box and be true to yourself, never feel pressured by others if your work is slightly different. Enjoy being able to express yourself and discover who you are as a designer.’

Caron Runacres

23 Jun

Caron’s work is up in the Phoenix Walkway Gallery until 17th July. She is exhibiting 3 photographs entitled Scar. She is inspired by the domestic/home, by the divide between public and private and what is hidden away behind closed doors.

Caron took the Access Course in Art & Design at Exeter College – which gave her the confidence to go on do an Art Degree – her advice for future students:
‘…it can be a rollercoaster so hang in there and try and enjoy the ride!’

Karen Mander

20 Jun

Karen is showing two elegant sculptures that display significant skill in stone carving.

You can find Karen’s work in the Guildhall Shop we are occupying for this project, which is situated on the Upper Level right next to the entrance to M & S.

Although you can see them clearly through the window if you would like to find out when you can view them more closely – please contact Anna Aroussi at the Exeter Phoenix on 01392 667081.

Karen’s experience of study at Exeter College began with the Access Art and Design Course which she found to be an amazing opportunity to explore and develop artistic interests and abilities – a rare opportunity to access resources, materials, equipment, know-how, support and encouragement. Studying Art and Design at Exeter College was, for Karen, a time of discovery, excitement, possibility and the building of skills that enabled her to conceive of herself as a professional artist and given her the confidence to keep experimenting and continue working in a variety of media.

On her inspirations she says: ‘Many things inspire me – nature, the human form, myth, other artists – but most of all creativity itself, the process of making with all its joys, hard work and frustrations: the sheer wonder of those extraordinary moments when something spontaneous and unexpected and beautiful (or maybe challenging) appears, right in front of you, as if from nowhere. (On a good day!) I find it both a magical and spiritual experience.’

Sarah Luck

20 Jun

You can find Sarah’s pieces in the windows of Otto Retro until the beginning of July.

Sarah has pushed her talents into different aspects of design and has a selection on show, including an eye catching wallpaper design – she has always had a passion for Interior design and her tutors at Exeter College helped her find the perfect degree. She chose to go to Winchester School of Art and study Printed textile design for Interiors.

She says – ‘Follow your passion and don’t give up until you have achieved it. You only get one life, so go for it.’ Sound advice.

Signs of the Times – Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education

19 Jun

Life stories of past academy students have been recorded as part of a Heritage Lottery Fund project to hightlight the beauty of Sign Language and celebrate the aspects of Deaf culture that are often absent in the minds of hearing people.

Five Key themes have been followed through the project: Education, Language, Employment, The Community and Relationships with Hearing People.

We are thrilled to be able to include this exhibit as part of the Past Present Future project and it will be on show in the Guildhall Shop on the Upper Level – next to the entrance to M & S from Monday 27th June for one week only. If you want to check times when you can visit this space please call 01392 667081.

Hazel Johnson

17 Jun

I studied BTEC National diploma in Art and Design and I also did the Art Foundation at ExeterCollege. I learned a variety of skills. It also gave me the confidence to take what I had learnt on to another level – going to university at Camberwell inLondon.

My advice to future students is to embrace the facilities such as the dark rooms, print rooms and the kilns. Get to know the technicians and understand the processes. Once you are out of education it will be so difficult to come across such easy access to workshops and information.

I have been focusing on the idea of portraiture and I have found living in the vibrant society of south east London has provided me with a rich source of material. The paintings of Punch and Judy are a site specific for the old Peek Freans Biscuit factory inSouth Bermondsey. The composition, colours and content were inspired by a biscuit advertisement that was used in 1910. Punch and Judy have a very patriarchal relationship, within these paintings I have touched upon roles we take within modern relationships. I have used myself and a friend to make a contemporary take on this traditional story. I have also experimented using paints from pigments I have made.
You can find Hazel’s paintings in the windows of a shop on the Upper Level of the Guildhall Shopping Level – right next to the entrance to M & S.